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Rekt Eddie's Partners

Rekt Eddie’s partners with NFT projects to incorporate real-world assets, providing exclusive VIP pricing to holders. We also share revenue from sales through the project’s channels, benefiting both NFT holders and collaborating projects, reinforcing Rekt Eddie’s dedication to enhancing value and innovation in the NFT sector.

Kuroki NFT

Kuroki NFT grants holders exclusive access to the Rooftop where web3 enthusiasts, artists & builders connect to brainstorm, plan, create & implement as part of the community.

Shredding Sassy

At the intersection of action sports and web3 lives the Shredding Sassy Social Club, a dynamic brand harnessing the power of blockchain and the excitement of action sports.


CryptoDads & CryptoMoms NFT Collections bring together some of the best parts of web3 and life: networking, family, $STEAK, beer, laughs with just the right amount of degen.